Sunday, May 24, 2015

Of Personalizing Bags (part 2)

Anya Hindmarch maxi stickered Ebury bag

Remember that post on personalized bags a few years ago? Fast forward almost three years later and my targeted bag hasn't been "personalized" much. I've brought it to a few destinations abroad but decorating it was the least of my worries while relaxing on white sanded beaches, exploring the luxurious green rainforest or enjoying the vibrant local nightlife.  

Upon reconsideration, since it is a travelling bag that I am planning to bring even in the most remote places,  it wouldn't be wise to decorate it with stickers indicating my nationality and all the places I have visited for my own safety. 

So that idea slipped away from my mind...until I saw this version of Anya Hindmarch Ebury bag a few weeks ago! At $3500, I could only sigh and admire it until it sells out. I visited the designer's website for the first time today out of curiosity to see what else she has to offer and I have learned that the stickers can be sold individually to personalize any item you want. These stickers are made of high quality leather and each season the house issues new ones. 

This is the perfect excuse to find myself a new off-duty day bag to personalize (the one I've had for the last 10 years is starting to fall apart anyways) . At £45 each,  these stickers are not cheap and I'll have to choose them wisely.

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