Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Planning your sale shopping

From Breakfast at Tiffany's

Fall is my favourite season. The layering, thick wools, warm sweaters, furs, leather boots...All reasons to make my knees wobble. Coats and boots are my weakness when it comes to shopping. I never seem to have enough. I've been curating endlessly my wish list to only keep the items that will upgrade my wardrobe and it is hard.
My wish list has significantly increased in the last weeks and my online window shopping has become difficult to control. The itch to buy is slowly building up as the temperature drops and it will probably reach its climax between Black Friday and the first week of January as the word "sale" starts tinting the net and my favourite shops.

I don't think I will never be cured of my obsession for fashion and clothes, but I have found tricks to make my end of the year shopping less damageable for my wallet.

1. Set a price at which you would be comfortable to buy your items

In order to let myself go once the words "SALE" and "PROMO" start appearing on my favourite online venues, I save the whole year for that moment. I rarely buy anything full price. I cannot afford it anyways with my Ph.D. student wallet. So I usually set a price at which I would be comfortable buying the item. It usually ranges between 40%-70% off. This has to be done before the buying season starts in a pragmatic way. Because once the sale hunting begins, your head might become hazy with excitement and you can easily lose tract of your spendings, ignore your limits and break the bank...once more....

2. Save for your wardrobe

In our case, fashion addicts, clothes are not optional. They are an essential need. Being an essential need, we have to incorporate them in our budget just like food, rent and utility bills.

I have created a spending account to which I don't have an easy access. I have to call the company for them to release the funds within 24-48 hours and it reduces the amount of impulsive buys I make. They take an amount I am comfortable withdrawing without cutting in my other expenses at each pay. By doing this throughout the year, I can save quite a significant amount of money for that sale shopping spree and I know exactly how much I can spend for my wardrobe shopping. 

Please note, that if you spend easily in general, like myself, it is good to have a similar account for general savings. Accidents happen so fast...

Things are easily said than done though. But I am waiting. Waiting for these prices to drop...

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