Monday, October 6, 2014

Off the wishlist: Vintage oversized long wool cardigan

The perfect oversized cardigan (Source)

The above picture of model Sasha Luss sparked the interest and so started the search. Suddenly, I wanted an oversized thick long cardigan for early Fall. 

Acne Studios Raya long cardigan

I fell upon several designer models including Acne Studios' Raya long cardigan which was almost perfect. However it is a bit too thin for my liking considering its price. Most of the cardigans I've found were actually way too thin for the weather we are experiencing above the 45th parallel.

And then I stumbled upon this beautiful on Etsy.
Really thick wool? Check.
Oversized?  Check.
Neutral colours? Check...
Waist pockets? Check!!
Long enough to sweep my ankles? Check !!!
Grad student wallet friendly ? DOUBLE CHECK!!!

 I don't understand why the 28 persons who "liked" it were waiting for. They will regret it later...I snatched it the minute I saw it! 
I wore it a few times since I got it. It is really comfortable and warm. It is actually a bit too much oversized for me though, but I'll get used to it...
The only thing missing for it to be perfect are 2-3 big front buttons. They make the perfect excuse for a future DIY project though.

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