Monday, August 11, 2014

Dealing with urges


They happen less often, but they still do. The restlessness. The headache. Th tingling in my fingers. In moment of great stress and of dark feelings, they always make sure to be there, but once the relief comes, my credit card still warm from excessive swiping and numerous bags at my feet, the guilt invades me. I did it again. And I'll have to fix that.

It is one of the reason why I stopped am trying to stop shopping from brick and mortar stores except for essentials like underwear's. The desire for immediate satisfaction made me take silly decisions. Plus the pressure to buy from the sellers doesn't help. 

I know they will happen again, but I am trying to make my compulsions less damageable. 

When I feel the urge to binge buy, I only go to stores where there is a return policy. I can satisfy my impulses when they arrive, but I am able to return the item the next day once the dust settles. Stores with credit system will only push you deeper into debts and you'll have to spend extra time trying to sell these brand new items in a few months at a fraction of the price you paid for them.

I also try to avoid items on sale. The price might be appealing, but in my unstable state of mind, I might not be able to analyze clearly my need for them. Most of them end up my closet still in there bags...It is again money down the drain, since you cannot return them.  I try to only pay attention to sales in stores that sell my foundation and wish list items to avoid buying impulsively things I don't actually need.

Canalizing your thoughts on constructive activities requires another level of self-control, but it is a good way to avoid binges. These activities must require your constant concentration to be effective and should last long enough for you to "forget" about your urges. I do so by writing, studying,  going out running or doing an activity with a friend. Making my body and my mind work drains my vile impulses and it is quite helpful.

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