Thursday, August 14, 2014

Building your wardrobe foundation ( part 1 )

A perfect foundation outfit

Having a strong foundation in your wardrobe will help you build a cohesive closet over it without losing yourself in trends and ill-fitted outfits. Identify your wardrobe essentials can easily be done in two steps. 

1. Select your colour palette 

I see a wardrobe a bit like a painting in the making,  your foundation items forming the canvas.  They should be perfectly interchangeable items and the first step in making them interchangeable is to create a cohesive colour palette.

My colour palette
All my essentials come in these colours and form an auto-sufficient system. I like this set of colours because they are understated, versatile, neutral and timeless. I consider that those caracteristics are important to create a strong base that will last you several years regardless of trends. 
The individuality of your canvas will come with the colours you'll put on it. These colours are your accent pieces. We will discuss them in another post.

2. Identify your essential items

We live different lives and so have different set of essentials. List here all the items necessary to make your wardrobe functional. I insist on the word necessary. Imagine you were giving a suitcase and that you'll have to put in it items to wear for a year. Regardless of the colour, what would they be?  We are not talking about items from a specific brand here rather than the clothe or accessory itself. (I intentionally ignored my sportswear, because they only service a purely utilitarian role and I don't have any stylish questioning concerning them, thus they are not relevant in the context of this blog...)

So, here is my own list:

  • loosely fitted t-shirts
  • tank tops
  • sleeveless silk shirts
  • cotton button down shirts
  • striped shirts
  • straight pleated pants
  • a high-waisted skirt
  • a little black versatile dress
  • a casual summer dress
  • jeans
  • wool sweaters
  • wool/cotton cardigans
  • a pair of high heel shoes
  • casual sandals
  • flats 
  • oxfords
  • sneakers
  • heavy duty winter boots
  • dressier leather booties 
  • a wool coat
  • a trench coat
  • a leather jacket
  • a warm winter coat
I have tried to limit myself here! It is not easy. I am working myself in defining what I consider my essentials...

So with your colour palette and your essential items list on mind, you can start looking for these ideal foundation items. This is quite a difficult task though if you ask me. I'll address how to actually pick the right essential items in another post.

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