Saturday, June 9, 2012

Of Personalizing Bags

My new place is taking all my time since I moved! As I was opening boxes, I fell upon my Saddleback Leather Company bag and it reminded me of the lovely video Garance Dore made in Japan for Dior, personalizing her Lady throughout her travels. I think this is a great idea - her bag wasn't just another Lady anymore by the end of the trip, it became hers - recognizable among billions and, that, gives it more value.

Jane Birkin gave an interview to Vogue concerning the coveted Hermes bag that bears her name and her similar treatment towards them. Unlike many celebrities who collect barely touched Hermes bags, she has only owned four Birkin in her life since they came out in the early 80s. 

Her bags are not only accessories that complement her looks, they actually serve beyond their initial purpose as cat beds and umbrellas! She also puts stickers and lucky charms on them. Through that rough but loving treatment the bags become a part of herself by shaping her lifestyle, imprinting familiar smells and materializing sweet memories...Owning less made her truly appreciative of the value of the bags she possessed. 

I like that  philosophy and I am intending to apply it to my bags too...What is the goal of owning several designer bags if each of them is scarcely used? Aren't they firstly sought after for their long standing quality. Such a quality should be tested with daily usage...

So, this Saddleback Leather Company satchel would serve as my first canvas. I bought it last Fall for my travel aboard. Since I tend to wonder out of the beaten roads, I wanted a tough bag that will be to able to follow for years. According to the company, they are guaranteed 100 years and my grandkids will fight over it at my death. I have no problem believing that: the leather and the craftsmanship are of premium quality!

 I haven't used it much yet since I haven't left the country since I bought it, but I can't wait to give it tougher love and to leave marks of interesting places I'll go on it.


  1. Yes I completely agree! I've been using my Mum's bag that she'd been using since she was 20, it's been everywhere with her and now is going everywhere with me...although slightly worst for wear already (i've had it for a year and am 20!)

    Please take a look at my art and fashion illustrations (here's my new post):


  2. Your illustrations are amazing Alice! If you sell them keep me informed! ;-)
    My mother gave me her Louis Vuitton bag she has been using for almost 20 years - I used it a while but gave it to my sister. I am not really into items covered with brand logos, but I felt so special having a bag with 20 years of history breathing through it.