Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Of High Heels

YSL Tribute Heels. 5.5 inches high.

I am quite short and I used to be embarrassed by my little stature. So, I wore high heels throughout college, almost everyday, despite the pain. I was telling myself that with time it won't hurt anymore, but you never totally get used to the pain despite the thick callus that grows under your feet...University arrived with a boost of self-confidence and I accepted that super high heels weren't made for me. They make me self-conscious and uneasy. I do believe that if you are not comfortable in your shoes or in your clothes, they are not worth wearing.
Before buying new shoes I now ask myself if I can run after bus in them. If not, I forget them.
I mostly wear at the highest 2.5-inch heels or platforms beside my collection of flat shoes. Thanks to Celine SS 2011 collection, these are back in fashion and budding everywhere!
Finding 2.5-inch heeled boots is relatively easy. The problem occurs with evening shoes. They are not only rare, but they often look unattractive if the heels are not made perfectly, but I would discuss about this issue in another post...

For those willing to quit wearing sky-high heels, but who don't have the courage yet, here are 5 reasons to avoid wearing high heels.

1. If you don't look poised and sexy in them, avoid them. A woman who cannot walk properly in heels is quite unattractive...

2. You won't be as conscious of your feet anymore and you'll enjoy your surroundings a bit more while walking. 

3. You'll spare your ankles from a painful fall and you'll avoid the embarrassment that comes with it...

4. Over time, wearing high heels will cause permanent damage to your feet (bunions), your ankles, your knees and your back. High heels push the center of your poise forward. Consequently, your legs are misaligned and your weight badly distributed on them. You'll end up wearing orthopedic shoes at 50...

5.  Why wasting your money on items you won't wear often? 

Not being able to wear high heels might feel like a blow to your female ego, but there are great feminine alternatives.
1. Flatforms, platforms and wedges:  have the height without the pain.
The Celine wedges, responsible of their huge popularity this summer.

Rumi rocking the Isabel Marant Zora wedges.

2. Kitten heels : elevated with demeanor.
Those Valentino heels stand tall beside their steep counterpart.

Ashley Oslen is quite feminine in her

What is your experience with high heels? Do you  have other good reasons to avoid wearing high heels?

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